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The Hardin brothers and sister have been working in the company from childhood sweeping the floors, filing and doing anything we could to make a little money. Our dad never gave us allowance but he would let us work all we wanted. We were always able to save for that bike, motorcycle or clothes and earn it for ourselves.. We were Educational dealers and provided the first computers in most of the local school districts. Hardin Computer was the largest Education dealer in a five state area. Around 1989 Apple went direct with education sales.

We had a demo computer in the house most of the time growing up and we had access to the games thru the store. So Any games played at our house were played on an Apple computer. We used to play Lemonade on the Apple II with a cassette tape. When the Apple IIc came out in 1984, Louis Hardin remembers taking it to friends houses and connecting it to their TV thru an RF modulator. Most people were either impressed or thought our dad was crazy for letting a 12 year old take a top of the line computer around to peoples houses to play games. As teens we would tote around a Mac SE or Classic around in one of the all-in-one bags for the older macs to church or any place we had time. We feel blessed that we were born at the right time and place to see the beginning of the personal computer age from the inside of an Apple dealership. We have been there from the beginning.

Our father Richard Hardin started Hardin electronics in 1967 selling Norelco tape recorders shavers , etc., from his house. He then started selling and installing sound systems in churches. That later grew out of the home and into a local warehouse. Hardin electronics even engineered and made our own mixing boards and speaker enclosures. When the Apple II came out we were interested in computerizing our accounting so we became Apple dealers to get involved in a new technology. Our first order was the minimum requirement to be an Apple dealer, we had to purchase 10 Apple II's. We really got in on the ground floor and it grew quickly. In 1983 Hardin Computer moved into a Retail showroom in Arlington. After being in that location for 23 years in 2006 we moved to a different spot in the same shopping center. In February 2011 we took the next step by moving in to the Arlington Highlands. We have been the face of Apple to our customers for over 30 years now, and most customers that have been to the Apple stores make their way back for the personal experience, no appointment necessary for a phone call or to drop off their computer for service. We have been the computer store on the corner for years. But now we are ready to share the Hardin computer experience with the masses, not just those in the know.  If you have not heard of Hardin Computer before I hope you and your friends / family soon will see our brand in marketing efforts or from a strong recommendation from any of our loyal customers.

Thank YOU for being a valued customer,

The Hardin Family

Customers like you are the reason we are still in business. We have always tried to provide the best customer experience possible, this has translated into a very loyal and happy customer base. Word of mouth has always been our best advertising. Being the oldest Apple dealer in Texas we have been thru the good times and the bad times with Apple. What used to be a debate is now a concession that Macs are the better computers. We have become the elite Apple dealer. The Apple dealer that does what Apple does and doesn't do, works on vintage computers that Apple does not provide parts for anymore, on site service, consulting, networking, Data recovery, RAM &HD upgrades. The Apple dealer that actually answers the phone. The Apple dealer that knows our customers personally on a first name basis. The Apple dealer that has actually worked on Apple IIs and the original Macs all the way to the present, this fact makes the Apple product line almost a memorized thing in which we don't need much reference. We do most repairs in house with a very quick turn around. We stock most Apple products and upgrades. We work with many local businesses and universities in the area. Many customers come from Waco and further. We know customers have a choice and we want to make it an easy decision to do business with us. We are blessed to have a great staff everyone where has their place and we work together to please every customer. Apple has awarded us the commitment to excellence Award, which means we are in the top 5% of all Apple Service centers in the country.